About Tracy

Tracy CausleyTracy Causley was born into a military family and grew up zig-zagging the country before landing in Germany for seven years. Inspired by her early foreign travel adventures she writes historically inspired fiction seasoned with magical and supernatural themes.

Inspired by her early foreign travel adventures, Tracy pursued advanced studies in anthropology and art history. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Though she initially pursued a career in museum studies, Tracy's varying interests took her in different directions including working as a real estate agent, travel director, life coach, Reiki practitioner, teacher, and proprietress of a holistic wellness center.

Library of Celsius at Ephesus
Visiting Library of Celsius Ephesus, Turkey

When Tracy isn't writing, she enjoys investigating family history and mysteries, listening to electropop and 80's music, dancing in her kitchen, reading, and traveling. She's a novice knitter, pretty-good pie baker, lover of trivia, and a self-proclaimed Italophile.

Tracy lives in Northern Virginia with her comic book creator husband Sean Causley, craft-obsessed daughter Rowan, and her sweetie-pie pup Jonah.